vocal music

Vocal Music:

Mrs. Shelly Banner

The music program at Trinity is based on a tried and true formula of student participation, which leads to student understanding and in turn develops into students valuing their musical creation.

All students in grades Kindergarten through grade 6 participate in the All School Christmas Concert.

The program begins in pre-school with singing and dancing for large and fine muscle coordination, learning basic music symbols and performing well loved songs for friends and families.

It continues in grades kindergarten through 2, exploring the language and symbols of music, learning many more songs and again performing in the All- School Christmas Concert.

Beginning in grade 3, and continuing through grade 6, students have the opportunity to become increasingly involved in this performance based program. They attend a weekly Chorus rehearsal, learning to sing both melody and harmony parts; general music classes rotate on a bi-weekly schedule, and the opportunity to play an instrument is provided at these levels. In grade 3, all students will learn to play a recorder, where they begin the process of utilizing the symbolic language of music. This allows a smooth transition of students from a pre-band instrument, to making an educated decision on what instrument will be best for that student to learn to play. In the beginning of grade 4, students spend another short period of time in a pre- band class, learning how to choose the instrument they are best suited to learn to play. The Band program includes a once a week 30 minute group lesson and a once a week (on Thursdays) ensemble rehearsal.

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